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MAD About WA inspired Kangaroo Mug designed by Dave Catley and available in our MADCAT RedBubble store

Kangaroo Mug


Western Grey Kangaroo Mug

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Product Description

MAD About WA inspired Kangaroo Mug. This Kangaroo is a resident at the Yanchep National Park. As you can see from the lighting it was heading towards sunset, the best time to see the kangaroos in the park. So if you visit the Yanchep National Park and think there are no kangaroos, wait till the sting goes out of the sun and they will soon pop up all over the place 🙂

If you love the Great Outdoors but are stuck in an office all week, why not treat yourself to one of our beautiful coffee mugs. Lets face it we all need a hot drink or 2 to get us through the day!

Why stick to just one, imagine the impression you could make if you served beverages to visitors during your meetings in a selection of our Western Australian themed mugs.

As our coffee shops adopt the more environmentally sustainable approach of reducing the use of disposable cups and encourages the practice of bring your own mugs why not take the opportunity to make a statement!

The images on our products focuses on photos of Perth and Western Australia which have been created from photography by Dave Catley of MADCAT Photography, a Fine Art Photography business.

You can purchase this mug from our RedBubble store by clicking on the Buy button above.


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