Samu 1 , Monkey Mia, Shark Bay Mug


Samu 1 , Monkey Mia, Shark Bay Mug

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Samu 1 , Monkey Mia, Shark Bay Mug design by Dave Catley featuring Dolphin, Samu , Monkey Mia, Shark Bay.

Samu is a male dolphin resident of Monkey Mia in Shark Bay born 12 December 2009. This picture was taken 29 March 2010 when he was still young and staying close to his Mum Puck. If, like us, you love dolphins then a visit to Monkey Mia where they feed tehe dolphins every morning is a must. They literally swim past your feet.

The images on our products focuses on photos of Perth and Western Australia which have been created from photography by Dave Catley of MADCAT Photography, a Fine Art Photography business.


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