We moved to Perth from England in 1991. If anyone remembers that year it snowed a lot in the UK and we thought “lets go where its warm and sunny” so we departed for Perth, more than 25 years later we’re still here and we’ve never looked back.

Our favourite activity is to be out exploring new places or revisiting old favourites, whether it be on a beautiful beach, in the bush spotting the wildlife or experiencing some new cuisine. On the beach it may be Dolphins, Sea Lions or Sea Eagles and in the bush it could be Kangaroos, Kookaburras, Wallabies or even the noisy Carnaby Cockatoos. Of course we also love a nice piece of sushi or a really rare steak accompanied by a glass of wine or an exciting new cocktail.

We have all this on our doorstep here in Perth, you could say we are living in our ideal permanent holiday location. We are literally MAD about where we live and hence was born MAD About Western Australia (and Australia as a whole).

We live in a MAD house in Mindarie with 2 cats, a dog and a teenage son who is at Uni now. It is not uncommon to see a cat being chased by the dog being chased by the other cat!

We have our old friend Duncan, back n the UK, to thank for the nickname MAD (Maggie and Dave), his nickname for us when we started to go out and with our surname being Catley the business name MADCAT seemed an appropriate one.

We hope you enjoy our view of Perth and surrounding areas as much as we do. We have turned some of our memories into great pictures to hang on the wall as well as gifts which you may also like so pop on over to www.madcat.com.au if you are looking to fill a blank wall or our MADAboutWA store for something a little smaller but equally fun at madaboutwa.com.au/shop/.

We chose RedBubble for our giftware as they have an excellent supply chain which is sourced from multiple locations around the world depending on the delivery address.
They have a great supply chain and a very helpful customer service department. Since they supply from multiple locations the cost of shipping is relatively small.
They are efficient and reliable and open 24/7:) It also allows us more time out and about and not stuck in the office!


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